Hiring software engineers

Here are some of the things we've learned from over five years of software engineering recruiting.

Software is eating the world, and improving the lives of billions of people. A child born in Bangladesh today has access to more knowledge than the US president just 50 years ago.

At the front of this revolution is a special group of people. They do the work that most of us can't even begin to understand. They speak languages that didn't exist just a few years ago. They instruct computers to communicate across networks spanning the entire globe. It's pure magic.

Yet we don't appreciate their genius. No one would expect Picasso to paint in a noisy office, on a deadline, nine to five, for a manager that doesn't even understand the quality of his work. In that environment, Picasso wouldn't have become Picasso.

But things are changing. The global shortage of engineering talent is forcing employers to understand how to attract and retain good people. They're forced to understand that programming is an art. And that all artists aren't the same. A great software engineer can create a hundred times more value than a mediocre one. Would your business pay him a hundred times more? Would you even pay him two times more?

For the past five years, Intro has helped some of the fastest growing companies in the world to find and hire tech engineers. Practically all companies share the same challenge when it comes to finding good candidates. Maybe you recognize the pattern?

You start with looking around in your own network. Referrals typically account for roughly one third of all placements, but then again your network is only so big. Job ads rarely work at all. Great developers do not need to go through the trouble of scanning job boards and applications account for less than 5% of hires, while stealing more than one third of your time. Calling a traditional recruiting agency will likely not make a change. Great developers rarely search for jobs, whether it’s through an agency or job board.

So how exactly does any company find a tech candidate?

The truth is, it’s simple. They say hi. They reach out to passive candidates and they pitch their company and the position to them.

It’s simple, yet complex. Who should you reach out to? Are they the right fit? How do you find and contact them? You don’t know where to start.

With Intro, you don’t have to know. We send you qualified and interested candidates straight to your inbox. They have confirmed they are interested in your position and want to meet with you. All you do? Accept them with a click of a button.

We work with companies smart enough to appreciate great talent. Our customers help improve the world by making it easier to buy Bitcoin, share knowledge, access all the music they want all the time, search the world's information or have cars that drive by themselves.

If you, just like Coinbase, Quora, Google, Cruise and hundreds of our other customers, value talented engineers – please book a demo.